We'll help you find your way.

Beyond Backpacking LLC was formed to facilitate the relationship between you, the hiker, and the environment in which we play, the Rocky Mountains, in a way that maximizes safety and minimizes environmental impact.  We offer an experience that takes the stress and hassle of packing and planning off you, leaving you carefree with only the responsibility of showing up and having fun.  We offer classes, events, and organized wilderness trips to our Adventure Club Members as well as complete equipment rental packages.  Beyond Backpacking LLC strives to make outdoor adventures accessible to everyone from the beginning day hiker to the seasoned backpacker.  No experience or equipment is required.  We can provide everything you need from route planning to gear packing.  Let us plan a custom itinerary for your upcoming event.  Spending time outdoors allows us the solitude to be introspective, and also to focus on bonds with those around us.  Consider a wilderness adventure for your next team building event or social gathering.


Beyond Backpacking LLC was founded in 2013 by Beth Rusticus.  After spending ten years in Summit County, Colorado she realized that mountain life had become part of her soul, and she wanted to share her love and respect for nature with others.  Hiking is simply walking, one foot in front of the other, which can be achieved by anyone, but it can take many steps in Mother Nature's amphitheater to find peace within and a connection with all.  Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve this and fully experience the world in which we live.  Beyond Backpacking LLC was formed to make nature more accessible to all who wish to bask in her splendor.  

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