Adventure Club

General Membership Policy

Currently one membership class is available; Exploring Member (non-refundable).  Beyond Backpacking LLC may waive the eligibility requirements for any class of membership; establish and change the eligibility requirements, privileges, and obligations of any class of membership; discontinue offering any class or category of membership, and create additional classes of membership with such eligibility requirements, privileges, and obligations as it deems appropriate, in its sole discretion. Regardless of Membership class, each Membership shall permit an individual to use the Club’s Facilities and participate in Club classes, events, and wilderness trips, subject to the terms of this Membership Plan, Rules, and Regulations. The individual permitted to use the Membership shall be designated in writing on the Membership application. 

​No Member shall have any ownership or proprietary interest, beneficial interest, or any other vested interest whatsoever in the Club, or any of the Club’s Facilities. Additionally no Member shall bear any responsibility for any financial obligation of the Club.  Membership constitutes only a license to use
some or all of the Club’s Facilities as set forth in this Membership Plan, Rules, and Regulations, as both may be amended from time to time. Membership is offered as an opportunity to obtain the recreational and social benefits of the Club only, and should not be viewed as an investment purchased with any view toward, or expectation of, profit.