Adventure Club

Membership Classes

Exploring Member

Exploring Members are subject to monthly dues.  Exploring Members may participate in general meetings and committees, as well as Club sponsored events, classes, and wilderness trips.  Exploring Members can actively contribute to group discussions and are encouraged to join in all discussions, but may not participate in decision rounds.  Exploring Members shall receive priority use of rental equipment through Beyond Backpacking LLC’s Backcountry Rental Services division at discounted rates.  Admission to Club sponsored events may be waived or discounted as determined by Beyond Backpacking LLC on an event by event basis.  Membership in the Beyond Backpacking Adventure Club represents a license to use designated Club Facilities, such as meeting rooms, in common with such other persons as Beyond Backpacking LLC may authorize from time to time. Members in the Club do not acquire any ownership, proprietary, or beneficial interest in, or right to control the business entity Beyond Backpacking LLC, including both the Adventure Club and Backcountry Rental Services divisions, and any of its facilities and equipment.  

Senior Member

Senior Members are granted all of the same privileges as Exploring Members.  To become a Senior Member an individual must possess a current Wilderness First Responder certification (or equivalent); completion of a Leave No Trace Master Educator’s course and Summit County, CO Food Handler course are also required.  Only Senior Members may be wilderness trip leaders.  Senior Membership status is up for regular review by Managing Members.  Senior status may be revoked by Managing Members if trainings and certifications are not kept up to date.  Senior Members who are not current on their coursework and certifications may remain in the Club as Exploring Members.

Honorary Member

A Senior Member may be granted Honorary Member status by Beyond Backpacking LLC.  Honorary Members may be exempt from initiation fees and club dues in exchange for leading wilderness trips.  Honorary Membership status is determined at the sole discretion of Beyond Backpacking LLC.

Managing Member

Managing Members may be part of the business entity (Beyond Backpacking LLC) that is developing both the Beyond Backpacking Adventure Club & Backcountry Rental Services divisions.  They are responsible for the success of the development, including initial organization, governance of the group itself, property acquisition, event planning input and final decisions, marketing outreach activities, member involvement and assessing and establishing the staffing needs of the Club.  They shape our newly forming community of outdoor enthusiasts through their contribution of time, skill, and money, making the development process possible.